Marc Slingerland


Marc is a lifelong southern Albertan who wants to put his experience to work in representing the brand new riding of Cardston-Siksika.


Marc Slingerland was born and raised in southern Alberta. His father ran a farm supply business, serving animal and crop farmers across southern Alberta and beyond. Marc recalls that his experience working for his dad and on neighbouring family farms in his youth, and the example of his parents’ many years of charity and volunteerism, taught him to work hard, be grateful, and demonstrate care for others: values that motivated him to pursue a career in education and dedicate himself to “giving back” to the community that shaped his childhood.


Marc graduated with Great Distinction from the University of Lethbridge in 2004, earning bachelor degrees in Science (Chemistry) and Education. He followed this with a Masters in Mathematical Biology, and, after several years of teaching, completed his Masters of Education while serving as High School Vice Principal and then Principal of Calvin Christian School, a large K-12 independent Christian school in Coalhurst, Alberta. Marc’s educational leadership also led to his election to the board of the Association of Independent Schools & Colleges in Alberta (AISCA) and to him being requested to represent independent schools on the Alberta Education committee that developed new Teaching, Leadership, and Superintendent Quality Standards for education professionals.


Marc’s role as principal put him on the front lines when Alberta Education began their war on parental choice under the NDP government. Seeing the impact of these attacks compelled Marc to seek the UCP nomination for Cardston-Siksika. However, this campaign is not the first time Marc has made strong families his priority, nor is it the first time he has promoted conservative values in politics. In his own words:


“Throughout my career I have sought means to promote life and family issues. When I was pursuing research as a co-op student at university, and even more so during my graduate studies, people would ask why I would 'waste' my talents by 'just' teaching - but influencing the formation of the next generation as a teacher is an amazing opportunity as well as a great responsibility. Moving into leadership give more opportunities for influence in shaping these experiences, and I have been fortunate to be able to get involved in various governance and leadership roles along the way that have given further opportunities to promote and influence positive policy development. That has been my goal in running for the CHP several times federally, too - to speak passionately to promote the value of life (as well as a consistent values-based, balanced-budget, liberty-defending approach) publicly, when major parties prefer to avoid the issue. The same values motivate me in the provincial realm: here, education is the main area through which family, the foundation of society, is affected. The opportunities I have been privileged to participate in have given me a unique inside perspective on current threats to families and educational freedoms, and on what will be necessary to restore liberty and opportunity to Alberta families. I became convinced that I have a responsibility to offer my experience and effort not only to the families of my own school, but to all voters in Cardston-Siksika.”


Marc is committed to restoring fiscal prudence and conservative values to our province. With your vote, Marc will have the opportunity to serve your family and represent your values within the legislature as well as within the UCP caucus.


“ I first met Marc during a federal election campaign a number of years ago. I was impressed then, as I am now, with his understanding of the issues facing Albertans and the practical, common-sense approach he employs when addressing these issues. Marc adds a strong work ethic as well, something that will be needed to properly and sincerely represent the riding of Cardston-Siksika.

His strong family-centric focus and fiscally conservative approach are exactly what we as Albertans need now; it will take principled people like Marc working with another friend of mine, Jason Kenney, to set the course that will bring back the Alberta Advantage.

Marc needs our support as UCP members: with Marc as our MLA and Jason as our Premier we will be part of enabling what I truly believe will be good times ahead.

      - Hon. Rick Casson P.C., former MP, Lethbridge

“Marc is a principled leader who is the best choice to become the candidate for Cardston-Siksika. I am 100% behind Marc and know that his moral integrity, strong work ethic, and willingness to serve the people is second to none. Marc is approachable and willing to listen. I ask for your support in making Marc our next candidate for the UCP in Cardston-Siksika.”        

      - Ian Donovan, former MLA, Little Bow riding

“The reason I'm endorsing Marc is for his strong values and community leadership. For strong government, we need experienced candidates that can get right to work when called upon. Marc is fiscally responsible and knows the agriculture sector, and he has proven that he can put his knowledge and principles to work to fight for families and defend local decision-making.”        

      - Conrad Van Hierden, President of A-T Children's Project Canada

“I got to know Marc Slingerland because of his leadership. His passion for youth, education, family, and community is unrivalled, and I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly endorsing him for the UCP nomination in Cardston-Siksika.

The riding needs effective representation with strong local roots, and I can’t think of anyone who offers a better opportunity to provide that kind of representation for the people of Southern Alberta.

      - Arnold Viersen, MP, Peace River-Westlock

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